Our Guide= V= Vegan, Veg= Vegetarian, GF=Gluten free, NF= Nut Free, DF= Dairy free

Starters- all £4.50

Sweet Potato and Sage Soup (DF,NF, GF, V)

Cucumber and Sunblushed Tomato Salad (DF,NF, GF, V)

Pickled Radishes, pea and broad bean dip (DF,NF, GF, V)

Cauliflower Samosas, fresh mango chutney (DF,NF, GF, V)

Mushroom and Sunflower Seed, on a toasted Bagel (DF,NF, GF, V)

Brazil and Hazelnut Croquettes (DF, GF, V)

Melon and Berry Cocktail (DF,NF, GF, V)

Garlic Bread (NF, Veg)


Main Course- £9.50 each 

Sweet Potato and Bean Chilli sin Carne (DF,NF, GF, V)

Mushroom and Quinoa Burger (DF,NF, GF, V)

Cheddar and Spring onion Breadpudding (NF, veg)

Mixed Vegetable Marsala with onion Bhaji (DF,NF, GF, V)

Morrocan Tofu tagine with peppers and olives (DF,NF, GF, V)

Mushroom and Tarragon Penne Pasta (NF, Veg)

Punjabi Style Quorn Curry (DF,NF, V)

Roasted Banana and Blue Cheese Salad (NF, GF, Veg)

Desserts- all £5.00

Mixed Fruit Eton Mess (NF, GF, Veg)

Sticky Toffee Pudding (DF,NF, GF, V)

Creme Brulee (NF, GF, Veg)

Sorbet and Fruit Cocktail (DF,NF, GF, Veg)

Chocolate and Pistachio Brownie with Vegan Ice-cream (DF, GF, V)

Walling’s Ice-creams or Sorbets (NF, GF, Veg)

Warm Pineapple and Toffee Sauce (NF, GF, Veg)